Planning & Marketing Related 

Proposal Designs, Flyers, Other Print Materials

The corresponding images show a sample of proposal pages, flyers, and other print and marketing materials I have designed for multiple companies.





Site Plan Renderings

This is an example of some of the site plan renderings that were designed to assist developers in obtaining community support and provide a clear, effective visualization of the proposed projects.

Master Plan Samples

The corresponding images show a range of samples from master plan projects I have written and contributed to.





Sustainable Communities Guide and Workbook

The Sustainable Communities Guide & Workbook is a comprehensive and educational resource that I researched, wrote and designed for my master's thesis. It is designed to help people of all ages learn about sustainable, resilient, and healthier ways to relate to ourselves, others, and the natural environment. The workbooks encourage  creative exploration of habitual thought patterns and pre-conceived ideas. Organized categories and simple, visual symbols help present the core conceptsBased on natural systems, structures, and processes, some of the topics in the workbooks and guides include:


Core Principles of Sustainable Communities and Aware Individuals

Behavioral Characteristics of Aware and Sustainability-Minded Individuals

Political Actions and Policies for Sustainable Communities

Infrastructural Components of a Sustainable and Resilient Community





Regional Planning Organizations in New England: A Comparison of Budget, Staffing and Services Provided


This study was conducted to find out what services other similar regional planning organizations (RPOs) in New England are providing to their towns and how their budgets and staffing support the provision of these services. This study informed the workplan for the upcoming consolidated twenty town region: the Northwest Hills Council of Government. The report was created with ArcMap GIS, Adobe Indesign, and Adobe Photoshop.


Click image for full document. 



A Vision for the Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club

This report and poster showcase a comprehensive organizational sustainability plan for the Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club. Our studio team was tasked with helping the newly invigorated nonprofit rowing club write a plan that implemented their mission and expanded their programs for the next five years. Historically, the rowing club was an organization with a small budget and a devoted following. Recently, the organization experienced an influx of revenue in the form of a public health grant. This report showcases opportunities for organizational sustainability and growth. Report sections Madeline Jacknin completed include: Accessibility and Connectivity, Increased Visibility, and Public Health District information. 




Master Plan Assessments: Evaluating Land Use Elements


This study evaluated the land-use element of a municipal master plan, including the plan's introduction and land-use element. We examined development that has occurred within the last five to ten years, and determined if recent development was consistent with the goals, objectives, policies, and programs of the adopted master plan. If the master plan was recently adopted, then we determined if the master plan would correct any deficiencies. Poster highlights multiple teams' evaluations. 


Click image for full-sized poster. 



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